About Us

Oriana Salon & Spa

From the time of its initial launch in 2007 here in Jeddah, Oriana Salon and Spa has become a distinctive name in the world of beauty and hair care. Through its wide range of unique services by the hands of specialized experts, Oriana Salon and Spa has become a great escape for guests to enjoy a serene and tranquil atmosphere while obtaining their lavish services.

Over the past few years, Oriana Salon and Spa has established itself by becoming one the most prominent names in the salon industry; not only in the Kingdom but also in the Middle East. In a city as cosmopolitan as Jeddah, Oriana has managed to grow a strong following among the elite female demographic.

Oriana offers an assorted and exquisite range of services and innovative techniques for their skin and hair treatments; while maintaining their authenticity by being one of very few local brands in the Kingdom. These services are provided amidst an atmosphere of luxury and elegance, which allows women to indulge, pamper and rejuvenate themselves making their visit one that has a lasting impression.

In addition, Oriana’s vision also includes serving the surrounding community in a sustainable manner, as it seeks to empower Saudi women and support local organizations in Jeddah.

Oriana’s Mission

At Oriana Salon and Spa, our mission is to continuously offer the most current styles by keeping our staff continuously up to date with novel techniques and fresh trends from around the world. We take pride in having an exclusive clientele who appreciate our refined and contemporary style with touches of modernism. Our team at Oriana supports one another by setting goals and targets to attain by paying attention to details while providing our guests with a service tailored to their needs. We hope to pamper our guests by exceeding their expectations from us at every visit!

Oriana’s Vision

We vow that in every visit to Oriana our guests will be greeted with a warm and friendly welcome by our helpful staff that will help us endure remarkable relationships with them. We guarantee to provide with the best in nail, hair and skin care in the Kingdom while providing a high standard of customer service.

Oriana’s Values

Perfection: our approach is to offer our utmost expertise to exceed the expectations of our guests

Loyalty: we value our relationships with our guests

Excellence: we aspire to achieve excellence by offering the best products and services

Luxury: we offer our guests services that enhance their experience

Trust: our success and excellence lies in earning our guests’ trust

Key Messages:

1. Oriana is a pioneer in the spa and beauty salon industry in the Kingdom

a. Oriana is the ideal destination for women seeking the finest beauty services and treatments.

b. Oriana offers the most diverse range of beauty and care services in the Kingdom.

2. Oriana employs a team of specialized experts

a. A team of experts with premium expertise and specialized skills, only available in the Kingdom through Oriana.

b. Oriana’s team offers 30-35 services an hour and throughout the day.

3. Oriana is a distinctive Saudi name in the world of beauty and care

a. Oriana is an authentic Saudi brand

b. Oriana is a wonderful success story that combines Arab values and the highest, most sophisticated international standards

4. Oriana creates new standards for the Kingdom’s beauty and care industry

a. Oriana is not just a place that provides beauty service and treatments; it is a unique and fulfilling experience

b. Oriana provides services according to the highest international standards

Internal Key Messages

1. Our employees are the foundation of our business and their development and empowerment is a top priority.

2. Oriana adopts an open door policy and management is always accessible to the employees.

3. Oriana does not believe in barriers between the management and the staff.

4. Oriana has a clear organizational structure, as well as balanced and competitive salaries.

5. Oriana is committed to its promises towards its staff.

6. Oriana offers training and qualification opportunities equally to all and enables and invests in young Saudi women.

7. Oriana offers its services to guests 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8. Oriana offers its services to more than 150 guests each day.